About us

Neverbeen offers a wide variety of authentic travel experiences from staying at guest homes to resorts off the beaten track to unique, handcrafted activities run by our inclusive local host community. Our team hand-picks and visits every guest properties and meet all hosts to make ensure guests have a positively memorable stay in places they've never been. We provide travellers and local home and activity owners in challenging locations with access to one another, by offering communication services, online marketing services and tourism training, so that local owners can make a living off their home and sharing unique experiences and travellers can get to stay in places they have never been.

As such, we work for a world in which everyone has the chance to earn income by renting out their guest property and sharing unique experiences that are led by inspiring locals, regardless of language, internet access and tourism experience. In Sri Lanka, Javid works out Neverbeen growth plans and manages our growing group of properties and activities in cooperation with our scouts, while Kajan and Ahsan create listings and Sanjeev provides Services. Our team of in-house programmers is constantly developing the platform itself.

Having recognized for highest standards of service levels to guests and hosts alike in Sri Lanka, we have recently extended our Neverbeen portfolio and offerings from guest homes to resorts and excursions in Maldives, the first country we're active in overseas is Maldives, a beautiful country with many off the beaten path island places to stay. As Maldives opened up the possibility to locals to open guesthouses and welcome travelers to locally-inhabited islands, thereby providing an authentic and budget friendly alternative to resorts, it is a great place to expand Neverbeen concept internationally. In Maldives, while Javid manages the expansion, Thahseen manages the Airport guest servicing based in Male Airport.